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Concrete cleaning separator
Concrete cleaning spiral separator
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Service commitment
Solemn commitment: Where to buy my company’s products quality, all the implementation of "three packs of" one year, provide guidance for installation and commissioning, operation training machine hand - home repair services - regular home maintenance - guiding equipment used in the process of the overhaul and all other services. 1, free on-site installation and debugging, our technical service engineer free operation training for your company. 2, perfect service network 24 hours service hotline, give effective reply within 1 hours after receiving calls from within, all over the country all the year round service personnel always obey the user calls, the city in 2 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours outside the province rushed to the scene, to ensure that normal users use. 3, regular visits to customers, screening equipment operation, guiding the user maintenance. 4, convenient, fast supply of spare parts, while providing equipment lifetime repair service, so you have no worries, after the warranty period according to the cost price, within 48 hours of delivery site accessories. Service supervision mechanism: To ensure the provision of high quality, efficient service to the user, our company has established a comprehensive supervision mechanism. 1, the user written confirmation: after sale service personnel each time the service is completed, the repair record of fault phenomena, reasons and eliminating measures to fill in the record, the site for the signature confirmation, and when the time of service evaluation and signature confirmation, customer service service personnel will this table to my company, confirm the quality department of our company after file, monitor. 2, supervision system: the company with service, supervision hotline, tracking of my company’s products, quality of service. 3, the establishment of radio telephone: users can directly call: 0516 - 85036190 Our company will respond quickly to your comments, the better for you to provide various services.


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